Summer camp

Every summer, “The Laughing House” opens its doors for the children outside of the yearly school programme, through the Summer Camp experience.

During these months, children from 3 to 7 years old can join a programme  that includes a mix of activities, combining them with water games in our lovely garden.

We will contact you soon with detailed information.


Education based

The daily programme includes:

  • Reading fairy tales & Lending Library
    Children read summer books and apprehent them through conversation and depiction on paper.
  • Introduction to mathematical concepts
    Children learn to distinguish the different shapes and numbers through enumeration, in a playful and fun way.
  • Psychomotor Activities
    Children pass between obstacles (summer objects) and learn to balance.
  • Use of Information and Communication Technologies
    Children look at photos, watch cartoons and play summer games.
  • Physics Experiments & STEAM*
    Children try out physics experiments, using microscale materials that are user-friendly.
  • Mindful stretching
    Children relax with their certified Yoga teacher by stretching and meditating with their eyes closed, with sounds of nature in the background.

*STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics

 A.(5yrs) cuts and paints and she develops her experimentation and expression, using different materials and varied techniques”.

Activity based

The daily programme includes:

  • Activities at the school’s swimming pool
    Children familiarise themselves with water, wearing the necessary equipment and learning to swim.
  • Art activities
    Children paint, decorate sea shells, rocks and bottles in summer patterns and create summer arts & crafts.
  • Water and sand games
    Children play water and sand games, building castles, fish, and others.
  • Treasure baskets
    Natural and everyday summer objects are used.
  • Sports
    Children play relay, climb and bike.
Building their physical strength and kindling their imagination, the children exercise in the pool in the most fun way: playing!


  • Puppet show
    Children play and watch puppet theater with fun summer adventures.
  • Drama & Theater Games
    Children role-play in hypothetical summer destinations.
  • Music Education
    Children sing, dance and play musical instruments.
  • Cooking Activities
    Children prepare healthy recipes like granola cake and “Summer Salad”.
  • Camping
    Children camp in tents in our garden.
  • Movie day
    Children watch a summer cartoon movie and eat pop corn that they have prepared themselves.

The children explore their senses by stepping on different materials with their bare feet! Fun games that increase their understanding of the world surrounding them.

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